The Most Ambitious Crossover Ever


Kazuma and his merry gang of idiots is back in a new show this spring called Isekai Quartet. In Isekai Quartet, the Konosuba gang is joined by 3 other popular isekai shows. These shows are Re:zero, Overlord, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

I present to you the opening of Isekai Quartet in all of its glory.

If we ever get a season 2 of Isekai Quartet, I hope that they will add Rimuru Tempest to the isekai roster.

This Would Be An Awesome Addition

You can watch Isekai Quartet here at:

Konosuba Crimson Legend Movie Trailer


After a long wait, our Goddess Aqua has blessed her faithful with this movie trailer.

The movie we be a direct sequel to the anime series and cover the volume 5 of the light novels.  Kazuma and gang go to protect Megumin’s home town.  While protecting Megumin’s home town, the gang will surely get into all sorts of shenanigans.

All Shall Continue to Praise Aqua For Season 3

The release date is set sometime in 2019.

Konosuba Is Back With An English Dub


Our Goddess Aqua has blessed our world once again with a brand new English dub of Konosuba.  This new dub of Konosuba is brought to us by Crunchyroll when they aren’t being too woke.  Follow Aqua and her party as they try to defeat the demon king in English.

Aqua blue haired girl, Darkness blond haired girl, Megumin Brunette haired girl, and Kazuma the male MC

Kazuma Satou is voiced by Arnie Pantoja. He has roles in One Punch Man and Re:Zero.  Arnie is a pretty new voice actor from the looks of it but he does a pretty good job as Kazuma after watching the first episode.  Aqua is voiced by Faye Mata.  She has roles as Yukako from JoJo, Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha, and Rin from Love Live!.  Darkness is voiced by veteran Cristina Vee.  She has voiced many beloved characters such as Noel Vermillion from Blaz Blue and Homura from the Madoka Magica series.  Megumin, the best girl,  is voiced by Erica Mendez another veteran.  She voices Ryuko from Kill La Kill and Akko from Little Witch Academia.  All in All, Konosuba has got great English voice acting talent behind it.

Now Do Your Duty and Praise Our Goddess by Watching the New Konosuba Dub

Watch the brand new English Dub officially here at

New Year, New Waifus

With the dawn of a new year,  let us take a look at what I believe to be the best waifus of 2018.

First up is Zero Two from Darling in the Franxxx.  I really like Zero Two and she is, to me, the number one waifu of the year.  


Next up is Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergarden.  There aren’t too many characters that can evoke such emotion from its audience but Violet Evergarden is one of them.

Auto Memory Doll Violet Evergarden at your Service


Last but not least IE-Chan.  IE-Chan is the undisputed waifu of the year.

She is not useless

That is my list for 2018.

Now Get Out of Here you Degenerates