How to make Holy Water with Aqua

Our Goddess has blessed us once again.  On Isekai Quartet Season 2 Episode,  Aqua has graciously shown her devoted followers how to make Holy Water.  Our Goddess shall surely continue to bless us through our continued devotion.


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Konosuba Crimson Legend Review AKA Kazuma’s “Popular Phase”


Our Goddess has blessed us once again.  Konosuba Legend of Crimson was released in select theaters courtesy of Crunchyroll and Fathom events on the days of Nov 12th and 14th of 2019.  I went to go see it with group of friends.  Two members of the group don’t watch anime and have never watched any of Konosuba.  So here’s is my review.

Konosuba Crimson Legend is a direct sequel to the anime seasons of Konosuba. It covers volume 5 of the book. The movie expects you to have watched the anime or read the books and doesn’t take much time to introduce Kazuma and co. So some of the jokes like Darkness learning something, and Darkness’s reaction (while visually funny) can leave people wondering why.  Other than that the plot is easy for newcomers to follow.  A group of friends go off to save the village from demons.

Megumin Reads the Plot

Kazuma and co are hanging around the tavern making jokes.  Yunyun shows up to kick start the plot of saving the Crimson Demon Village from the ever looming threat of the Demon King.  This beginning part is what makes the Konosuba such a great comedy as all 5 of them are in Kazuma’s mansion making jokes, creating misunderstandings, and interacting with each other.  Most of the group dynamics is lost though as the story mostly focus on Kazuma and Megumin’s relationship together for most of the run time.  Darkness kind of gets shafted in screen time, and Aqua is mostly just doing funny things in the background.  It isn’t until the final act that the party gets reunited and fights the big bad.

The general animation quality is about the same as the TV animation made by Studio Deen.  The movie was made by J.C. Staff this time though.  Animation quality isn’t as important since Konosuba is a comedy first, action-adventure second. However, during the heavy action sequences such as Megumin’s iconic explosion, J.C. Staff went full unlimited budget works with the visual spectacle and fluid animations.

Megumin and Yunyun Use All the Budget

When I saw the movie in theaters, everyone was having a good time laughing at the jokes.  The seats were full which surprised me since Konosuba and anime in general is a niche product in America.  I can not recommend Konosuba Legend of Crimson enough as a must see for fans of the series, and a good entry point for newcomers get a taste of the Konosuba world.

Two Thumbs Up

As of March 25, 2020, you can now watch the movie at crunchyroll:

Yunyun Needs Friends Badly


Our goddess has blessed us once again.  Episode 10 and 11 of Isekai Quartet has brought us more of the Konosuba cast which includes Chris, Yunyun, Vanir, and Mobile Fortress.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no sign of the lich shopkeeper, Wiz.


Poor Yunyun to be forever friendless.

The Real Class 3

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Darkness Shows Off Her Talents – Isekai Quartet

Our Goddess Aqua has blessed our world once again with Isekai Quartet.  The Konosuba gang gets to show off all their talents in episode 5 and even Ainz is impressed.  All in all, Aqua and her party completely take over Isekai Quartet in episode 5 complete with Konosuba style transitions.

Now Then We Must Continue Giving Thanks to Aqua for Her Blessings Upon Us

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Two Wills Clash


Our Goddess has blessed our world yet again with another episode of Isekai Quartet.  In episode 2, all characters from their respective isekais give introductions of themselves.  They do so to enjoy their new school life together; although,  some of our stars are more eager to other learn about each other.

Maybe we can get these guys in on the crossover

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The Most Ambitious Crossover Ever


Kazuma and his merry gang of idiots is back in a new show this spring called Isekai Quartet. In Isekai Quartet, the Konosuba gang is joined by 3 other popular isekai shows. These shows are Re:zero, Overlord, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

I present to you the opening of Isekai Quartet in all of its glory.


If we ever get a season 2 of Isekai Quartet, I hope that they will add Rimuru Tempest to the isekai roster.

This Would Be An Awesome Addition

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Konosuba Crimson Legend Movie Trailer


After a long wait, our Goddess Aqua has blessed her faithful with this movie trailer.


The movie we be a direct sequel to the anime series and cover the volume 5 of the light novels.  Kazuma and gang go to protect Megumin’s home town.  While protecting Megumin’s home town, the gang will surely get into all sorts of shenanigans.

All Shall Continue to Praise Aqua For Season 3

The release date is set sometime in 2019.